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Jon has played bass for almost 30 years and during that time, has played most every genre of music in numerous original and cover bands. Bassists Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, James Jamerson & Stu Hamm were some his earliest influences when he started, but that list has grown to include a number of funk, rock, metal, folk, r&b, country and studio greats. 

He has studied with renowned bassist and teacher Anthony Wellington of the Victor Wooten Band. On the side, Jon writes original music and performs his songs in his acoustic and bass duo, JON & MIKE

He is a craft beer nerd and roots for the New York Mets and Oakland Raiders, though it is painful to do so.

Rig: Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 amp, Dr Bass 112 & Hartke Hy Drive 112 cabinets, Sadowsky Outboard preamp/DI, D'Addario Strings, Shure PGX 14 Wireless, Beta 58A mic.

Influences: Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, James Jamerson, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Lee Sklar, Les Claypool, Anthony Wellington, Duck Dunn, Stu Hamm, Billy Sheehan, Frank Bello, Michael Manring, Chris Squire, Berry Oakley, Allen Woody, Eddie Jackson, John McVie, Rex Brown, Victor Wooten, James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Elvis Costello, Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, Toad the Wet Sprocket, R.E.M., Weezer, Hall & Oates, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, etc.
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