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Lunch Hour Six Pack formed in 2007, but its roots date back to a 2004 informal jam session in East Stroudsburg, PA.  

At that time, Jon (bass) and his friend Brian met up with Brian's cousins Mike, Johnny & Bruce to share some beers and play some songs. It was the first time that Jon met Mike, and he was drawn to Mike's technical guitar style. (Mike was the winner of the “Boogie With Satch” guitar competition in October 2008 on 105.5 WDHA FM).

For three years, the five played loosely as The Onion 5 at family gatherings and firehouse jams a few times a year.  

In September 2007, Jon approached Mike to form a cover band. On a piece of paper, he had the name "lunch hour sixpack," a list of 24 songs and the goal to play out by March 2008. With Brian on rhythm guitar and local drummer Rob, the band was formed.  

Lunch Hour Six Pack played its first show on March 22, 2008 -- a 12 song set following two other local bands. They played their first full show on April 12, 2008.

In lieu of a full time lead vocalist, the band split lead vocal duties. However, the band invited other singers to join them from time to time. In January 2010, Dominick came up and sang "I Alone" and then proceeded to sing 6 more songs. After the show, Dom sang songs at a subsequent show and became a permanent member of the band for its 50th show.

The band has played over 200 shows. It continues to play classic and modern rock covers all over New Jersey, and has played numerous private and corporate events, including benefits at The Stone Pony & Bar Anticipation. The band prides itself on playing as much music in a night as possible from varying genres.

Lunch Hour Six Pack's current lineup is Jon (bass), Frank (guitar), Dom (vocals) & Gary (drums),. All of its former members still stay in touch -- unlike what you see on "Behind the Music."

In October 2010, Jon and Mike played a happy hour show as an acoustic/bass duo. Since then, that has grown into their current side project, JON & MIKE. They played craft beer bars all over New Jersey and are happy to have done it before there was a "craft beer bar."

Jon also plays solo from time to time, where he plays originals that were written many moons ago. 

The phrase "Lunch Hour Six Pack" dates back to 1995. The details of that phrase are classified. 


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